The purpose of the Point-in-Time (PIT Count) is to obtain a snapshot census of people experiencing homelessness in Humboldt County on one night in January.

The count includes people who, on the night of the count, are:

The PIT Count is an essential element in our effort to end homelessness, as the data gathered from this census shows us so much more than how many people are homeless in Humboldt County - we also learn more about who is homeless and why. This presents a great opportunity to raise awareness of the myriad challenges people experiencing homelessness face.

What to Expect:

Volunteers will conduct surveys and observation tallies of people experiencing homelessness starting early in the morning on January 26, 2022. Prior to the count, volunteers will select or be assigned to a team that will be responsible for attempting to identify and survey every individual experiencing homelessness in a specific area that will be mapped out ahead of time.

Your community's volunteers will meet at a central location on the night of the PIT Count. You'll receive any last minute notices or instructions before breaking off into assigned volunteer teams. Each team will include at least some professional homeless services workers.

Thank you for your help in ensuring that every individual experiencing homelessness counts!

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